What a lovely way to end the week – I’ve just received the news that the third book in the Sumatran Trilogy, Hooray for Heidi!, has won both the Maincrest Media award for children’s picture books and the Literary Titan Book Award. It means so much to me that Hooray for Heidi! has followed in the footsteps of the first two books, The Problem with Poppy and What’s Troubling Tawny? All three books have important messages for children and touch on topics that everyone can relate to whilst being very cute, fun and exciting.

Here are a few quotes from both Maincrest Media’s and Literary Titan’s book review for Hooray for Heidi!:

Hooray for Heidi! is a beautiful picture book about teamwork and appreciating the unique skills that everyone has.

…This children’s book highlights that kids often feel self-conscious when watching others that have better skills or abilities than themselves.

…Emma has written this fantastic book showing that everyone can contribute and be a valued member of the team. With a focus on teamwork, kids will learn how helping others and working together brings its own rewards.

…This is an excellent example for young children to look past the physical differences in each other and value people for who they are inside.

Hooray for Heidi! is a beautifully written picture book that teaches children the value of friendship and teamwork. This would be a wonderful book for preschool and kindergarten classrooms to help kids learn how to work together to achieve a common goal.

Literary Titan

…With beautiful, brightly coloured illustrations, the book showcases a wide variety of animals…

…This provides a good teaching opportunity for educators and parents to explain important themes and concepts relating to self-love, compassion, diversity and acceptance.

….Overall, Hooray for Heidi! is a klight-hearted tale that showcases what truly matters in life–teamwork, friendship and courage. 

Maincrest Media

My interview with Literary Titan can also be read here: https://wp.me/p3cyvH-dm0

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