As many of you will know from my other blog posts, I like to support charities where possible, especially ones that help children and the environment. It was therefore a proud moment when Claire Morgans confirmed me as a patron of her wonderful charity Ykids on Thursday.

Based in Bootle, Liverpool, Ykids’ mission is “to equip children and young people to become world changers.” Children and young people today often become despondent and feel powerless at the sheer volume of problems in the world today; however, Ykids believe that everyone can make a difference, and their mission is to inspire children to believe the same. 

I passionately share Ykids’ belief, and as someone who was born and raised in Liverpool, I was honoured to become a patron of Ykids. I will be helping them inspire young people through a number of events, including free school visits in and around Bootle and sponsoring a stall at Bootle Children’s Literary Festival.

I will also be working with Kingsley & Co, a literacy project run by Ykids. My books will all be on sale in their shop with a percentage of proceeds going to the charity. You can read all about this brilliant charity on their website. I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Ykids!