Today marks the fifth and final day of the blog tour, and I’m overwhelmed by the positive comments I’ve received from the bloggers and, perhaps more importantly, their children. Some of the reviewers stated that their little ones wanted to read the book again and again – and one child who read the book before a trip to the zoo asked to read it again when he got back home!

The blog tour was arranged by Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources and consisted of 25 book reviews over five days. Thanks to Rachel and all the bloggers who took part – it was a really nice experience and has given me more confidence in the book, especially because so many children love it and understand the various messages.

It was also nice to discover that some of the bloggers on the tour are teachers, and that they felt that the book would be a worthy addition to their classroom. Over the coming months, I plan to visit as many schools as I can, to promote the book and hopefully inspire the children, so feedback like this is very reassuring for me.

Here are some of my favourite quotes from the blog tour:

“Truly an inspirational story for children of all ages! My four year old daughter abs class of Yr 4 children adored this picture book and really got their interest.” – Morelli’s Reads

“Whilst this is a great story for children to read and enjoy, it is also a brilliant one for prompting discussions on a variety of subjects – I highly recommend teachers check it out!” – Splashes into Books

“This is a great book with beautiful illustrations. The book teaches you about making friends and learning to let people be friends with you. Lots of children struggle with making friends and this book is a great way to start a conversation about it!” As Read by Danielle

In summary, the blog tour was a huge success with bloggers already looking out for the next book in the Sumatran Trilogy. One blogger’s child even asked if the next book is out tomorrow! How cute is that?!

As my target audience for the book is 4 to 8, it was a great relief to me that children at both ends of this scale loved the book in equal measure, as the images below prove (images used with permission). One blogger’s 3-year-old was even captivated by it from start to finish! If you would like to buy the book, you can do so via my online shop here.