Today I received some very exciting news: my debut picture book The Problem with Poppy has won an award!

I submitted the book to the Maincrest Media Book Awards some time ago, and today I received an email saying that it had won Best Picture Book. To say I am excited would be an understatement – this is one of the highlights of my life as an author so far, for sure!

According to Maincrest Media’s accompanying press release, “the Maincrest Media Book Award Program establishes the benchmark for excellence in books and the publishing community as a whole. Each book entered into the Maincrest Media Book Award Program is rigorously evaluated by an esteemed panel of seasoned industry professionals provide valuable insight into what influences book buying decisions in today’s marketplace.”

And here’s the feedback that Maincrest Media provided with the award:

The Problem with Poppy by Emma Sanford is an adorable children’s picture book with a beautiful,
heartfelt message. When Poppy the Porcupine scares away tiger cub, Rory, the spunky duo share a tumultuous
journey on their way to becoming friends that look out for and care for one another. Themes of kindness,
friendship, fear and danger are shown in a unique, interesting way. This presents a great opportunity for parents
to use these themes as teaching tools to discuss new habits and behaviors with their little ones. The brightly
colored illustrations bring to life important messages and will keep readers engaged and excited. Another
standout element of the book is its cause. Proceeds from the book are donated to the Rainforest Trust UK which
will encourage readers to learn about the Sumatran forest and inspire them to join a worthwhile cause.

I’d like to thank Maincrest Media for giving me this accolade. It has really made my day and I will proudly add the shiny award stickers to future copies of the book! Here’s a link to the book’s dedicated page on Maincrest Media’s website.